You are correct to wear glasses?

Myth # 1, fast simple optometry
Optometry is a rigorous process, not just rely on computer optometry or inserts, a simple visual check is just minutes to solve the problem. A set of scientific and standardized medical optometry time required is at least 20 to 30 minutes.
Myth # 2, no eye examination
Many causes of poor vision, not necessarily just a simple myopia or astigmatism. Before optometry eye examinations system to the exclusion of other eye diseases, early detection and early treatment to avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment.
Myth # 3 without mydriasis
As we all know the age of 18 young people to be dilated optometry, but over 18 years of regulatory myopia, hyperopia should be dilated optometry, to relax the regulation, accurate optometry degree.
Myth # 4, the lower the better degree
Myopia glasses principle is the lowest degree of best corrected visual acuity, but this is not to say that the lower the degree or the higher the better, the degree is still too low to see the blurred images, but more likely to promote the development of myopia; degree too high increase in the regulation, the same cause visual fatigue, leading to further development of myopia.
Myth # 5, when the pursuit of a consistent degree of binocular glasses
Glasses should reach the eyes of the correction effect, consistent visual quality, rather than blindly pursue eyes degree consistent, otherwise it will disturb the balance and binocular vision development.
Myth # 6, it must be myopic vision loss
Teen emerging vision loss, be sure to go to a regular hospital ophthalmology or optometry clinic systematic inspection, dilated optometry, to determine whether myopia or hyperopia or astigmatism and other refractive errors and the extent, but rule out pseudo myopia, do not myopia easily wear a hat, wear glasses when you should not wear glasses.
Myth 7, and general medical optometry optometry without distinction
Medical optometry emphasis is to improve binocular vision, in addition to refraction precise examination of each eye, but must check binocular balance, eye position, adjust the force, IPD, etc., not only have the clearest visual effects, but also to achieve a comfortable , eye care play a therapeutic effect.

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