When you need to pay attention to scrub glasses what time?

① purchase silk fineness less than 0.33 lens cleaning cloth. It is recommended to buy SLR lens cleaning lens cloth.

② in the same direction wipe. For example, always rub from left to right. Can not back and forth on the lens or turn the ring rub, so easy to gather dust to a place, increasing the possibility of scratches.

③ Avoid dry rub. If the dry erase, the cloth will make the dust particles rubbing back and forth on the lens, just like the sandpaper rubbed back and forth on the lens, the passage of time the lens will be blurred.

④ lens cleaning cloth for a long time, fiber will fouling, remember to promptly cleaned or replaced.

⑤ To remove the oil stains on the lens, fingerprints and other stains, it is recommended to use special glasses cleaner, do not use hot water, shower gel and other cleaning, so as not to damage the lens coating.

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