Glasses cloth material which? Microfiber, sheepskin, suede and double velvet, etc., each have their own characteristics.

This article is mainly about the use of ultrafine fiber glasses cloth benefits

One, the air of small particles of dust can not see the eyes, every day looking clean as new, but in fact, all over the eyes of many people can not see dirty things, as everyone wash their faces every day to clean the skin, the glasses are also professional Cleaning supplies to clean. If you clean the way is not correct, not only will damage the lens, but also let you have an illusion, that your glasses degrees and rise, and need to match the new glasses.

Second, the ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth in the high-power microscope, the fabric of the fiber cloth than the ordinary fabric of the fiber arrangement more closely, the material itself is more soft than ordinary fabrics, and now the lens is almost all film lenses, each lens Before and after there are seven different functions, so the ordinary fabric of the glasses cloth, the beginning of the cleaning effect is good, but for a long time, those small particles will enter the fiber inside, the results would like to know. The special ultra-fiber glasses cloth relative to ordinary fabrics, the use of time will be longer.

Third, ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth in the use of a period of time after the water can be used to clean, does not affect the use of any effect, recycling, green; and ultra-fiber glasses cloth with disinfection, high sweat, high cleaning and other effects, cleaning effect, Do not leave the watermark, wrapped glasses can avoid hard objects scratch damage, extend the lens life.

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