How long glasses change

Recently, many netizens discussed the issue of "life span" of glasses. Some young people have a high frequency of changing their glasses. However, many elderly people have to change their glasses to new ones because they have to use it badly. Experts advise, over-service glasses may hurt the eyes.

Ordinary resin lenses in the course of easy scratches, resulting in lower lens transmittance, significantly affect its optical correction performance, long-term use of such lenses likely to cause visual fatigue, but also to speed up myopia. In addition, many people are accustomed to only change the lens frame, optometrist said it is not desirable. Long-term use of a pair of frames, if more than three years or even longer, the frame may be deformed, oppression of the nose.

Ordinary adult glasses is best for two to three years for a change. "How long to change depends on the user's habits, such as some people are very careful, but also pay attention to the protection of glasses, this may take a longer time." He said that if someone does not pay attention, may be less than two years lens It will be scratched. Students and other groups of young people, the eyes of the degree of change particularly fast, it is best to be replaced even once a year or six glasses, go to the optical shop inspection vision, nursing lenses.

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