Unqualified glasses

In the introduction of unqualified glasses before the introduction of the new mirror to introduce the reaction, the general new glasses with the beginning of wearing a special sense of bright, depending on the material slightly changed, the eyes sometimes feel slightly swollen, the face with additional weight, walking feel Not enough practical reaction, but these reactions are mostly lighter, does not affect the continued wear, and will soon disappear (usually not more than a week) or to adapt.

And unqualified glasses and new mirror reaction is very different, its performance is:

1, depending on the material is unclear, eyes swollen;

2, depending on the material level, bending uneven, can not move upstairs;

3, monocular vision can still, eyes use but feel very difficult, serious diplopia;

4, wearing glasses for a while, there dizziness, vertigo and other fatigue symptoms;

5, wearing glasses can not be sustained, or even nausea and vomiting symptoms, these symptoms with the extension of time to wear not only do not disappear but gradually increased.

Unqualified glasses are mainly photometric error, astigmatism axis deviation, optical level deviation and vertical mutual difference is too large, beyond the national standards and the physiological adaptability of the eye, resulting in physical and visual health damage. Therefore, the majority of wearing glasses should understand the scientific knowledge of glasses, improve self-protection awareness and ability to avoid unqualified glasses on their own injuries.

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