Glasses to explain the true features

Glasses are not only a tool to protect the eyes, but also a beauty ornament. The function of the lens, it has to adjust the amount of light into the eyes, increase vision, eye protection and clinical treatment of eye disease effect, refractive abnormalities caused by strabismus and patients with refractive errors in patients with headache, wearing glasses Can be treated.

The function of the spectacle frame, in addition to supporting the spectacle lens to wear the lens on the human eye plays a role in the stent, it also has beauty, decorative. Modern populace emphasizes that the glasses must have the harmony with the facial make-up and clothing of the times, the superb social class, elegant learning, fashion and so on.

With the rapid development of social technology, glasses will play an important role in the field of people's life with the continuous improvement of people's culture and living standards and the development of vision care.

Glasses Material: There are three kinds of glasses material, glass, resin, crystal. But in general, myopia only use glass or resin, crystal rarely used.

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