Summer is the highest in the year of the season, the body's metabolism is very strong. It is easy to be affected by the heat of the summer, the body's physiological function and appetite, etc.. Well, in this hot summer, how should we adjust our physical condition? Living in a small series, especially for you to prepare for the most suitable for summer health care knowledge, to help you spend this summer health.
The use of the quality of the glasses will not pass the consequences? Beijing military hospital ophthalmology department director Wang Yisheng told reporters that contact lenses are soaked in the glasses box, then from out directly into the eyes, so on this a series of processes involved in the items of health requirements are very high, including the mirror box, otherwise, easy to make eye infected, cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, resulting in patients with tears, be afraid of light, decreased visual acuity, serious or even cause blindness.
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