Matters needing attention of glasses

Everyone to wear glasses must pay attention to: can not just use traditional methods of optometry, simple refraction glasses trouble, should adopt the scientific and advanced standard American medical optometry method and triple visual function test, to check the real reason. In American standard medical optometry, contains degree (refraction) and visual function and ocular fundus examination and each subdivision for twenty one steps. Eyes to achieve as comfortable, clear and lasting, in addition to have a good visual acuity, visual function is normal or not is an important factor, "set" as important visual function of abnormal appearance will cause visual fatigue and visual decline.

Glasses in the process, often appear in such a situation, with a pair of glasses to look too far well comfortable, see close but bulging eyes, attention is not concentrated or reading and writing can not be sustained. Under the premise of the glasses with the national standard, the emergence of this situation shows that there is a defect in the visual function, this time to do the number of degrees is clearly not enough, to do the binocular visual function, the development of the corresponding visual training program.

After glasses do first enhancing the regulation function of the forward and reverse shooting training, regulating function improved to do training, pen nib training and Brock line training set. After two weeks, the students look at the near discomfort disappeared, can easily lasting learning. Later with a combination of lenses, anti fatigue lenses, six months after the review effect is very good.

In short, only to ensure the normal visual function, in order to allow us to have a clear, comfortable, lasting visual experience. Modern visual optics theory completely subvert the traditional glasses is to measure the number of backward ideas, emphasis on tackling the problem, has a very high demand for optometrists technology!

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