1, diet control:

Myopia is a progressive increase in retinal head disease increased year by year, can induce a lot of serious illness. Thus high myopia, also known as pathological myopia, myopia deformation, progressive myopia and malignant myopia and genetic myopia. So should eat less spicy, taboo smoke and wine, medical treatment of other diseases should be caution with blood vessels to expand agent, to avoid the eyes of macular hemorrhage.

2, regular medical treatment:

High myopia patients should be regularly medical treatment, pay special attention to the eye axis long, vitreous opacity changes in the state of the macular Department with or without degeneration, edema, bleeding and other conditions, the retina around the dry hole, with or without retinal detachment; Vision decreased, the front shine and other performance, should immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

3, appropriate exercise:

High myopia, should pay attention to avoid violent activities, to avoid the occurrence of retinal detachment! Due to high myopia patients with long axial length, eye wall soft, severe impact of the head movement, such as diving, basketball, weightlifting, and driving brakes and so may Causing retinal fall. Researchers speculate that when the outdoor activities, people reduce the time to read the eyes of the room; second movement in the sun will stimulate the secretion of dopamine, this chemical substances involved in eye refractive development, can prevent the eye becomes longer.

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