Many people do not know the glasses cloth cleaning and conservation methods, the following came to introduce us under the bar:

Glasses cloth best wash with detergent, do not use water. Use water (preferably warm water) to dissolve the laundry solution, then soak the glasses cloth into the inside for fifteen minutes and then clean it. Times rub glasses, the best water rinse about glasses. Glasses should also be clean, can go to the optical shop with ultrasonic cleaning about. If it is not convenient, can wash glasses with detergent, but try not to scratch glasses.

The lens of the conservation and cleaning should be washed mainly, that cloth is a package of glasses, do not use a dry cloth to wipe directly, because the lens has many small dust particles, if dry rub will let the cloth put these dust particles in you The mirror back and forth back and forth, said white just like sandpaper, with sandpaper in the mirror back and forth to wipe a one-year-old lens of your hair. Dirty with oil, and rinse with tap water, add a little wash or wash the detergent, wash with water rinse the future, and then use the napkin quietly dry the water, so wash out the lens and clean and will not damage the film! Able to clean the fruit every morning. Mirror cloth is usually placed in the box before the glasses on the glasses, not used to wipe the glasses. If every time with a mirror cloth or clothes directly dry wipe the lens, the new lens can not wear half a year you wiped out, so that both affect the clarity and damage to the beautiful.

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