The cause of the basketball glasses: sports arena, have you ever experienced or seen eye injuries caused by the body of the collision or outside force bloody scenes? Is particularly strong in some competitive sports, due to the body and sports equipment is very fierce antagonism, any little neglect and careless collision could cause permanent damage to the eyes. In addition to the traditional optical glasses eyesight outside doesn't really make up to protect your eyes, but also there are layers of security, under the effect of external force, the frame and lenses off/deformation crack or break (break) and damage the eyes.

Formulated accidents mainly include: 1. The corneal scratch 2. 3. Iris inflammation eye anterior congestion 4. 5. Traumatic cataract retinal swelling 6. Canthus rupture and so on. Features: basketball glasses frame: specially designed for myopia basketball lovers, integration frame through high-tech processing technology, width, the curve is more suitable for the children of the east face characteristics, angular flexibility is good, not changeful form, can be more effective to protect the eyes and nose, flank air holes make more safe and comfortable to wear, can be had no scruples gallop on the playground. Nose pad: unique, soft, elastic and allergy of silicone nose pads, make the frame won't be too close to stick a face, and when you close contact with the opponent can effectively resist and buffer on the impact of the eye, protect the eyes from damage. Suitable for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, rock climbing, cross-country sports.

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