Summer is the warmest season of the year, the body's metabolism is very strong. It is easy to be affected by the hot summer temperatures, the body's physiological function and appetite Dengjun change. So, in this hot summer, we should be how to adjust your body in the end? Living at home Xiaobian specially prepared for you the most suitable for summer health care knowledge to help you healthy and happy to spend this summer.
But what will be the use of quality-related consequences glasses case? Ophthalmology a Beijing military hospital doctor Wang told reporters, contact lenses are soaked in glasses box, and then removed from directly into the eye, so this series of articles involved in the process are high hygiene requirements, including the mirror box, otherwise, it is easy to make eye infection, cause keratitis or conjunctivitis, resulting in patients with watery eyes, photophobia, decreased vision, severe and even lead to blindness.
The actual situation is worrying. Just before the incident came to light AMO care solution for ten days on a domestic three major cities, to investigate the contact lens care over more than 1,000 people showed a serious lack of contact lens wearers eye care awareness. Wherein the two sets of data will be the mirror boxes of --10% of users said that "never clean contact lens cases"; and that it would be replaced once every three months, contact lens cases, actually less than the total number of people to be interviewed three percent!
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