Mobile phones, computers, iPad, etc., in our lives seemingly have inseparable from these electronic equipment. Although these electronic devices can enrich our lives, but our eyes have a lot of damage, use for a long time, it may appear dry eyes itchy, eye sour fatigue and so on. What kind of nutrition does that eye need to protect the eyes?

1. Vitamin A (β-carotene)

Vitamin A is an important factor in the composition of retinal photoreceptors, if the lack of vitamin A, prone to night blindness. Look at the electronic screen for a long time, will consume a lot of vitamin A. Therefore, to add foods rich in vitamin A, to protect the eyes is very important. Common foods rich in vitamin A are animal liver, carrots, spinach, a lot of yellow fruit and so on.

2.B vitamins

B vitamins have the role of protecting the cornea, when the lack of B vitamins when the eye will occur neuropathy, resulting in blurred vision, tears, fear of light and even eye inflammation and other issues. Common foods rich in B vitamins are whole grains (coarse grains, grains), lots of green leafy vegetables, and animal liver.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the basis of the existence of life, the lack of vitamin C eye will weaken its resistance to external stimuli, especially when encountered wind and light time. Rich in vitamin C foods are kiwi, fresh pepper, fresh dates, strawberries, lemon, citrus and so on. It is worth noting that vitamin C is afraid of heat, fear of light, afraid of wok, it is best to eat raw to reduce nutrient loss.

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a class of strong antioxidants that can handle a variety of external stimuli. Rich in vitamin E foods are vegetable oil, nuts, wheat germ, etc., these are good sources of vitamin E. However, we must pay attention to the intake should not be too much, because the foods rich in vitamin E are generally fat content of food, eat more will lead to excess fat.

5. Anthocyanins

Anthocyanins This antioxidant enhances night vision and slows eye macular degeneration. Rich in anthocyanins are broccoli, radish, blueberries and so on.

6. Protein

Eye retinal rhodopsin is composed of protein, if the lack of protein, can lead to lack of rhodopsin synthesis, and then appear visual impairment. Protein-rich foods are lean meat, fish, milk, eggs and soy products.

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