Ophthalmologist pointed out that in order to make the imaging clear, myopia glasses will have a certain degree of refraction. But under normal circumstances, sunglasses are plain, will not cause harm to the eyes. Myopic sunglasses is the combination of the two, will have a degree of lens through a special process for dyeing. Therefore, the choice of myopic sunglasses first to consider the lens, it is best resin lens. Followed by the color, too shallow filter effect is small, too deep affect the vision. Recommended the use of gray, brown lenses, try to see if there is no sense of vertigo, dialysis is not high.

If you are low myopia, wearing a general sunglasses do not affect the visual, you can choose yellow lenses, yellow lenses can improve the sensitivity of visual cells. If you do not know what color is suitable, you can try to wear sunglasses after the mirror, if you can see their pupil of the lens, the color will be relatively standard.

Colored glasses are not suitable for indoor wear, over time will increase the visual acuity and eye damage, you must prepare a pair of ordinary myopia glasses.

In addition, myopic sunglasses must go to a professional hospital or institutions for optometry, absolutely can not just buy one.

Often driving the quality of the lens requirements of a higher, worn to feel light, clear, if there headaches, dizziness, vertigo, dry eyes or can not look for long time and other symptoms, to immediately stop wearing. You can also use the sunglasses clip, it is caught in myopia outside, easy to cost is not high.

But if more than 600 degrees of high myopia, corrected visual acuity was not ideal, such as matched with a pair of colored glasses, eyes placed as a layer of dark fog, see things more difficult. The same reason, myopic astigmatism and corrected visual acuity less than 1.0, nor should wear.

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