Glasses box is a kind of tool for cheng fang glasses in order to convenient to carry. Glasses in vision correction or eye protection while making simple optical devices. Composed of lenses and frames. Vision correction with glasses myopia glasses and farsightedness glasses, reading glasses, and four kinds of astigmatism glasses.

Glasses is both an instrument of eye protection, it is a kind of beauty of decoration. Tell from the function of the lens, it has to adjust into the eyes of the light, increase the eyesight, eye protection safety and effect in the clinical treatment of eye disease, children strabismus caused by ametropia and accompanied by a headache patients with ametropia, wearing glasses after treatment.

Support for the lens and the function of the frames, in addition to its form glasses outside support effect on people's eyes, it also has beauty and decoration. Modern veer stressed that glasses to someone with the time of the harmony of facial makeup and costume, reflect social class, elegance, fashion symbol, and so on learning.

With the rapid development of society and technology, as people culture, the continuous improvement of living standards, vision care work, glasses will play an important role in people's life.

Lens material: there are three kinds of lens materials, glass, resin, crystal. But in general, myopia in glass or resin, crystal is seldom used.

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