With the end of the holiday, primary and secondary schools in succession, many students because of vision loss and other reasons to prepare glasses. The face of the streets everywhere can see the optical shop, consumers how to buy businesses and products, with a pair of glasses for their own?

Experts, the quality of unqualified glasses not only can not achieve the role of corrective vision, but also cause damage to the eyes. To this end, experts suggest that students should pay attention to five questions to focus on glasses:

Before the best glasses to the regular hospital for eye examination. Because some students decline in vision is not caused by myopic or myopic astigmatism, may be caused by some eye diseases. Therefore, the optometry should be carried out before the system of eye examination, distinguish between true myopia or pseudo-myopia is necessary.

Glasses should go to the regular hospital or reputable optical shop. Do not try to be cheap or easy, to see whether the glasses enterprises have made glasses production license; glasses business optometry equipment and testing equipment are qualified mark; optometry, production staff card holders; glasses with or without qualified logo (card). Glasses business "four card" is to ensure the quality of the premise of glasses.

Preparation of glasses must be optometry, try to wear and other procedures. According to the doctor's request, if necessary, do mydriatic optometry, especially the minor and the first glasses. After optometry, to obtain optometry single. Due to optometry susceptible to emotional, physical condition, it should be in a few days after two optometry, in order to achieve scientific and accurate optometry results.

Note the choice of glasses material. General glasses are divided into resin, glass and crystal, etc., lenses and frames should have a shelf life. Lens, frame, frame If it is imported material, there should be import inspection certificate. Resin lenses because of the advantages of light weight, very popular with students, but the maintenance requirements are relatively high. Such as the temperature of more than 60 degrees Celsius, high temperature due to the expansion of each layer is different, the lens will have some damage, and then become blurred, the wear resistance is also significantly lower than the glass mirror, so consumers usually wear to pay attention to the lens protection.

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