How to relieve eye fatigue

Our most commonly used method of relieving fatigue is to drop the eye drops, feel that the eye sour will drop eye drops to ease, but it also points the reason, eye drops is not a panacea.

1. If it is myopia, but do not wear glasses, so the situation is more frequent fatigue.

You can use some eye drops, but from the doctor's point of view is not worth it. Mainly because the eyes of the muscle spasm caused by eye soreness and discomfort, this time it is best to let the eyes rest or wear appropriate degree of glasses to see things, so that some of the eyes comfortable to avoid eye fatigue symptoms. Eyes have refractive situation, or pay attention to the eyes of health care, rest and wear the right glasses, to reduce the symptoms of eye discomfort.

2. Long time in front of the screen, on the one hand the impact of radiation, on the other hand because the eyes staring at the screen

The number of blinks reduced, plus most of the people working in front of the computer screen are in the air-conditioned room, causing dry eyes, causing terminal syndrome. At this point can be appropriate with some moist eye drops of eye drops, you can open artificial tears in the hospital, there are some non-prescription syrup. The advantage of artificial tears is that it remains on the surface of the eye for a long time and can keep the ocular surface moist for 2 to 4 hours. And health care category eye drops drops to the eyes about 5 minutes will be lost. But it inside some of the vitamin ingredients can also be appropriate to alleviate the ciliary muscle spasm caused by eye discomfort. Vary, if the drug is still not comfortable after the best doctor or medical treatment.

3. Some people are not comfortable eyes, dry because the eye itself is wrong.

In addition to refractive, there are hidden strabismus, especially the hidden external strabismus. Such a patient to see things more than normal tired, if there is strabismus eye medicine can not solve the problem, it is recommended to the hospital for examination. Chronic conjunctivitis is a number of non-pathogenic bacteria in the eye breeding and other causes of inflammation of the eye. Such people should pay attention to eye health, develop good habits with the eye.

4. Wear contact lenses caused by eye infections, or eye discomfort is due to infection

Because people have a habit, the eyes of the acid or uncomfortable to hand rub. Sometimes the eyes themselves may have corneal conjunctiva, corneal injury, hand rubbing the injured bacteria will be infected. The patient has some chronic conjunctivitis or related eye diseases such as the best points of some anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory effect of eye drops. But do not chaos, just a kind of anti-inflammatory eye drops is enough, choose ordinary eye drops can be, such as chloramphenicol and other effects is not very strong eye drops. Remember not to use a strong anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory eye drops. Wearing contact lenses must wear glasses in accordance with the instructions to pick the glasses, each time wearing glasses not too long, feeling the eye discomfort can be properly used with some anti-inflammatory eye drops, other types of eye drops can not point.

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