1. Glasses box size: the role of glasses box is used to place the glasses, so the size should be considered the size of the glasses. Both to ensure that can accommodate most glasses, and size is not big, to avoid shaking glasses in the box.

2. The surface roughness: if you use the plastic (polystyrene) to injection molding, the surface of the eye and should be designed to be more smooth, so that the usual cleaning.

3. Glasses box wall thickness: as the glasses box to the requirement of hardness, strength is not particularly high, so about control box of the thickness of the wall at about 2 mm, but should pay attention to keep the box of the thickness of the wall even.

4. The stiffness of structure design: glasses box bottom generally is not a plane, but presents a design of the arch, this can effectively enhance the stiffness of glasses box, reduce the deformation. In addition, the sidewalls of the glasses box can be designed into wavy ladder shape, to reduce the distortion and deformation.

Factory Overview