First, pay attention to the qualification of contact lens business

Before buying contact lenses, be sure to see the merchant's qualifications, whether to ensure product quality. You can see whether the medical device operating license, the service hotline is able to get through, as well as some of the text within the site, the official website on the company's text description is more complete and comprehensive. But also by Google search the site or the name of the way to see the online evaluation and the site of its inclusion, regular large enterprises will have a lot of search results.

Second, the business provided by the service

In the purchase process, after-sales service is also must be taken into account the problem, rapid, professional repair and maintenance services can greatly extend the life of glasses, some sites in the provision of mail repair services to get consumer recognition. As the glasses network sales champion available network for the first time launched glasses online try on the system, promised 30 days no reason to return, so even if the glasses or the eyes after the problem, to be timely help and support, so that consumers do not have to worry about.

Third, the characteristics of optical products

To avoid low-grade color contact lens damage, the most important thing is to see its design, whether it is sandwich sandwich process, the pigment layer caught in the middle of contact lenses, do not directly contact the cornea, in order to more safe and comfortable. Can not distinguish the product process, then the best to buy brand contact lenses, even if the problem requires complaints, then it is easier.

Four, shop around, choose the most suitable for their own mirror channel

In the current contact lens market, the purchase of a variety of channels, especially the network of electric business cohabitation, it is easy to 忽悠. Choose stealth is important quality, of course, is not necessarily expensive on the safe, cheap will be a problem. The key have to see the integrity of optical shops and trust.

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