Modern frame is a part of fashion, and no longer just a medical apparatus. Glasses wearing glasses, do not want to expose themselves.There is something wrong with, but hope to have the effect of decoration, frame hide shortcomings, highlight the advantages. According to the main skeleton face ,Determined by the geometric shape, face can be divided into six categories: square, rectangle, circle, pour heart and oval. on classification is not absolute, concrete face may be related to the above each have differences, but face, choose suitable for the analysis frame is very helpful, prominent advantages, conceal flaws, give a person the sense with symmetry and balance. For example, a square face wear round frames can eliminate the feeling of the edges and corners are too obvious, square frame can add circular face edges are same. In its some places, have a similar phenomenon. Such as plump man dressed in bar can appear slim, clothes stripes will be more fat. Face is round people hairstyle also tend to be straight, adding outline, rarely hot curly hair. Add a frame selection basic principle is that the width of the frame and temporal width is consistent, the frame is too wide can appear too burdensome, and increase the lens the aberration.

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