Glasses cloth is designed to scrub the lens of the dust, after scrubbing with water can be washed clean. Wipe your face with glasses cloth to protect sweat pores and prevent acne.

Many types of glasses cloth: the main sheepskin glasses cloth, there are ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth, as well as suede and double velvet glasses cloth, etc., in the high power microscope, the fabric of the fiber cloth than the general fabric of fiber Placed more closely, their raw materials than the general fabric is more soft. This is because the glasses are now almost film lenses, each standard lens before and after the appearance of seven layers are not the same function of the film.

The general fabric even if the soft, long time the dust particles in the air will be embedded into the fabric of the fiber space, with such cloth rub glasses, put it a little like the same with the same sandpaper. Dedicated glasses cloth in this area much better, but also pay attention to punctual cleaning. Glasses cloth best wash with detergent, do not use water. Use water (preferably warm water) to dissolve the laundry solution, then soak the glasses cloth into the inside for fifteen minutes and then clean it clean. Eyewear cloth is also the main raw materials, each time to wipe glasses, the best water to wash the glasses

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