Microfiber glasses cloth features

Microfiber glasses cloth is woven by a special process, special wedge cross-section does not contain any chemical drugs, and is specially used for scrubbing eyeglass lens dust as a high-tech sanitary product. The main features of the product are:

1, with super absorbent, wipe the surface without leaving water stains.

2. Its effect of effective decontamination and oil removal is very obvious, and it can maintain a good perspective of the mirror.

3, the material is extremely soft, without any damage to the surface of the object being wiped.

4, smooth and soft feeling, effectively remove grease and grease.

5, Microfiber, excellent capillary effect, fast drying becomes one of its remarkable characteristics.

6, with a protective mirror is not scratched; no color, no lint, not rot, can be repeated cleaning, long service life.

7. The high-strength synthetic filament yarn is not easy to break, and the fiber is not easy to fall off from the clean cloth. There are no pollution and other features in the clean area.

Factory Overview