For a long time, we also lack myopia consumer sunglasses solution. Such as stealth + sunglasses, sunglasses + dyed film, aside from the advantages and disadvantages of stealth alternatives do not say, sunglasses by changing the degree of dyeing as a solution, so really ok? Here on product design to analyze:

1. Circle is too large, affecting visual effects

Conventional sunglasses in order to maximize the realization of beautiful, circle are generally larger, can cover a large area of the face. Generally this large circle-shaped lens, is more suitable for Europe and the United States high nose and slender face characteristics, and the Asian people generally face round the characteristics of the existence of many violations. At the same time large circle-type lens base bending is relatively large, matching the color of the lens is also large, and relatively thick, even to do a certain degree of thin treatment, there will be less beautiful edge thinning platform, And the consumer's original aesthetic requirements are very different.

2. The lens can not restore the best effect

Whether it is international or domestic second-line brand of sunglasses, the lens design can be described as well-intentioned, the film, color and function are matched with the brand value, and more to the more comfortable visual polarized lenses, through a clear Lens experience and texture, style better frame form to get the favor of consumers. But this lens is replaced, it is difficult to get the same quality and color sense of the lens, and the current polarized lenses higher prices, mostly to the main dyeing, dyeing lens texture and performance can not match the polarized lenses.

3. Ring wire bearing capacity is not enough

The pursuit of light has always been the design of glasses. Sunglasses is so, so in the design of all aspects of the full consideration of the "burden", the circle is the ultimate one of the object is thin. As a pair of already formed brand sunglasses, slim circle design is ergonomic and wearing habits. But please remember: they are only for the pair of flat lenses on the frame tailored, to be flat lenses into a degree of the lens, the original ring wire bearing capacity will be from the previous just right to become Stretched, it is like a S number of clothes, the object suddenly turned from 160 to 170, there cracking, shedding and so are common, complaints that is commonplace.

4. groove type and the lens can not be perfect card

Conventional sunglasses trough is the U slot, which is flat for the lens, there is no problem, stability and firmness are very good. But when the lens replaced by a degree, U slot and the lens will appear between the "exclusion", even if the temporary barely installed, then looked at the right, but after the daily pick Dai, after four seasons change, hot expansion The phenomenon of cold shrink appeared, the original summer with just right, in autumn and winter when the lens suddenly fell off, and how can not fit the original level. This is not only the consumer's troubles, it is the retail store problems.

5. There is no inconvenience of loading and unloading

In recent years for the sake of aesthetics, conventional sunglasses basically canceled the edge of the circle of the lock design, one of the ring is indeed in the design of a trace of cumbersome, flat light in the device when the device is also a one-time completion, not too much consideration Late lens removal and reassembly. So when the reality must be done when the demolition and assembly there is a certain degree of difficulty and risk, and this risk will become a long-term hidden dangers.

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