What is the correct posture to wear glasses?

1) both hands wear glasses. Long-term one-hand pick glasses easy to deform the glasses.

2) do not wear glasses when doing strenuous exercise, so as not to be deformed by the collision until the structure is damaged, the lens broken.

3) Remove the glasses when sleeping or lying on the table, so as to avoid deformation of the glasses.

4) Use a special lens cloth to wipe glasses, can also be cleaned with water and detergent, to avoid the use of paper towels, handkerchiefs or easy to use clothes to wipe.

5) Do not place the glasses in a hot environment above 50 ℃ (such as sauna, car windshield), so as not to accelerate the lens film peeling or frame aging.

6) Those who are allergic to the metal should choose synthetic material frames or anti-corrosion sleeves on the metal temples to avoid skin-to-metal contact.

7) Do not wear glasses should be put into the glasses box.

8) often do not deform the memory material frame demonstration, in order to avoid the connection or weld fracture. In addition, the memory material in the environment below -10 ℃ will lose memory function, then too bent will produce fracture or deformation, but also in the subtle influence on vision.

9) Do not wear other people's glasses. We wear glasses for the purpose of correcting vision, such as hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and other vision problems, each person's situation is different, wearing glasses are not the same. Therefore, it is best not to wear other people's glasses.

10) Do not let the glasses too loose or too tight. The distance between the temples should be appropriate, so that the temples should maintain proper curvature so that the glasses are not too loose or too tight. In general, the ophthalmic lenses and eyelids to maintain the distance of 12 mm, the distance do not differ too much from this standard. If not, because of the prism effect so goggles appear dizzy, depending on the material deformation, fatigue and other phenomena, over time will appear strabismus.

11) Do not wait until the glasses are broken and then repair. Glasses are advised to regularly check the glasses to see if there is no distortion of the glasses, the glasses frame there is no loosening of the screw phenomenon, once found the problem immediately resolved, do not wait until the glasses out of the problem can not be worn before trying to repair.

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