Under a high-power microscope, the fabric of the glasses is more closely aligned than the fabric of ordinary fabric, and the fabric itself is softer than the normal fabric. This is because the eyeglasses of the present are usually coated lenses, and the front and rear surfaces of each standard lens usually have seven layers of different membranes. Plain cloth even and soft fabric, after a long time of air dust particles will be embedded into the cloth fiber gap, with such a cloth to wipe the glasses, simple point have exaggerated a little like sand. Special eyeglasses are much better in this area, but also be careful about regular cleaning. The eyeglasses cloth is better to wash with detergent, do not use clear water. Dissolve the detergent with water (preferably warm water) and soak the glasses in for 15 minutes, then rinse. The material of glasses cloth also is very important, every time wipe a pair of glasses, had better wash glasses with water. The glasses should also be kept clean, you can go to the eyeglasses shop to use ultrasonic cleaning. If it is not convenient, you can wash your glasses with detergent, but try not to scratch your glasses.
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