1, energy saving and environmental protection: whether it is timber resources or steel resources, are non-renewable resources, the state of their control will be more stringent, embodied in the price of the continued rise. Wood plastic construction template using raw materials is waste plastic and waste wood materials, waste recycling, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the human body, in the near future will be subject to government promotion and market favor.

2, easy mold release: concrete does not stick mold surface, no release agent, easy stripping, easy to clean.

3, to reduce costs: the number of wood template recycling in the 3 to 4 times, the use of wood-plastic template recycling of not less than 30 times, the average use of low cost, split mold smooth, do not need twice plaster,

4, conservation effect is good: wood mold template in the watering concrete, no water, no deformation, waterproof flame retardant, conservation effect is good.

5, specifications and diverse: the traditional template specifications fixed, wood-plastic template can be customized according to customer demand size. The maximum reduction in the number of assembly, but also reduce the labor costs.

6. Smooth and smooth: template stitching rigorous formation, demoulding after the concrete surface surface aesthetics, finish are more than the existing technical requirements of the water template, no second plaster, save time and save labor.

7, the construction is simple: as the same can be sawing nail can be drilled, easy to install the construction workers, integration, stacking; flame retardant, corrosion, moth, can adapt to a wide range of temperature, eliminating unnecessary losses and potential hazards Sex.

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