We usually know that the glasses box is used to protect the glasses case, but not as long as the glasses into the box can play a protective role in the glasses? If not that there should be how to put it? Is the lens up or down? Leg inwards or outwards? Would you like to use glasses cloth?

Here are some of my comments and suggestions we hope to have some help to better protect our glasses:

Put the glasses placed in the glasses box is generally recommended the lens down, such glasses in the glasses box is relatively stable! Of course, some glasses are certain to be placed in order to put down, then the lens is also able to face up! Is the outward leg swing! But one thing is very important, no matter how lenses are placed, must first use glasses cloth laps oh! So that the lens will be protected by the mirror cloth, there will be no wear and tear! If there are two glasses cloth, a pad at the bottom of the glasses box, a package of lenses on the better, and if it is the use of super fine fiber glasses cloth on the best
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