Someone myopia many years, has been wearing glasses, glasses with how much he had countless, seek advice to store, the clerk some love reason disregard, then glasses what knowledge, wear your glasses right? The following error into didn't you?

Myth 1. Quick simple optometry

Optometry glasses is a rigorous process, not just by computer optometry or insert, simply check the eyesight several minutes to solve the problem. The time needed for a set of scientific and standardized medical optometry at least 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Myth 2. Without an eye test

Some of the reasons for poor vision, not just a simple myopia or astigmatism. Must carry on the system before the optometry eye exam to rule out other eye disease, early found early treatment to avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Myth 3. Without mydriatic

As is known to all teenagers under the age of 18 to be specialized, but over the age of 18 accommodative myopia, hyperopia also should be specialized, to relax regulation, the exact optometry degree.

Myth 4. A lower degree, the better

The principle is that the best corrected vision myopia glasses lowest degree, but this is not to say that the lower the degree or higher, the better, still see the blur degree is too low, instead more easy to promote the development of myopia. High degree increased regulation, also cause visual fatigue, lead to the further development of myopia.

Myth 5. Glasses for the degree consistent pursuit of eyes

Glasses should reach the corrective effect of eyes, visual quality is consistent, rather than blindly pursue the eyes degree is consistent, otherwise it will interfere with the binocular visual balance and development.

Myth 6. Vision loss must be myopia

Teen appeared decreased vision, must to normal eye hospital or optical outpatient service system of checks, specialized, to determine whether the degree of myopia or hyperopia astigmatism or refractive errors and, at the same time, eliminate pseudomyopia, don't easily buckle on myopia hat, wearing glasses when shouldn't wear glasses.

Myth 7. No more medical optometry and the normal eyes

Medical optometry emphasizes the binocular visual function, in addition to the precise check every eye diopter number, must balance check eyes, eye, ten-fold increase, pd, etc., not only can have the most clear visual effect, but also to comfort, to eye care.

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