Everyone know that usually is used to protect glasses boxes, glasses box, but not just put the glasses in the box to protect the glasses? If not should be how to put it? The lens up or down? Its leg took or outwards? Do you want to use glasses cloth?

The following are some of my opinions and Suggestions hope to be of some help to better protect our glasses:

Glasses are put on the glasses box generally suggest the lens is put down, such glasses in the relatively steady some glasses box! Some glasses is a must, of course, can put down, put on the lens on the also can be! Its leg is out of! It is important, however, no matter how put, lenses are glasses cloth must be used first laps! This lens will be protected by the lens cloth, does not have any wear! If there are two pieces of glasses cloth, a piece of first pads in the glasses with this department, a parcel lens is better, if it is to use microfiber glasses cloth is best.

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