Which kind of glasses box looks good?

With several glasses, but want it in a nice glasses box loaded up. Glasses box plays only store glasses, drop the role, and now glasses case can also be used as a work of art on the table. Looked cute glasses case, I believe you will be in the study or spare time is a pleasure, as now constantly updated change glasses case, style is more and more, following on to know about it.
1. Cute cartoon type either glasses or contact lens case box, we can see in the eyes box printed with cute cartoon image of the many popular spectacles like friends, as there are some lovely cartoon animal print head, according to their own likes to pick their favorite cartoon characters.
2. fashion style bag glasses case sleek design into a small bag, without glasses when placed inside this small bag, walking, shopping, how to look, do not see the glasses case. Or by hand and take it, without the knowledge of people thought it was the wallet yet. Different design types, different colors, different background, personal clothing, coupled with the bag-type glasses case, make you feel in fashion ranks.
3. art flowers colorful compact design type of contact lens case, like a flower on it (not necessarily the flowers look like, may be another way), at first glance, not necessarily see it as a spectacle box it, usually we will mistakenly think that art is placed in it! in fact, it is a genuine contact lens case yet. Such glasses case discharge which can all be used to appreciate. Like friends can according to their own favorite color to match a.
4. Meng Meng Meng Meng see contact lenses box type of small animals, we will have an appreciation of the heart. Similarly, the type of design is Meng Meng Meng Meng type designed to be a small animal head, together with the kind of small animal eyes Meng Meng, super cute, super adorable. Many of my friends are very fond of this type of models. Tired, then take a look at this type of box Meng Meng, also good.
5. Type jewelry box box glasses box that looks stylish, texture is also relatively light. We have seen a lot of jewelry boxes, are more attractive appearance of the production, while also pay attention to the color comparison festive color, glasses case color is relatively bright, the shape is there are more of them.

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