The thinnest contact lenses better?

Soft contact lenses tend to get thinner and thinner due to the improvement of materials, materials and manufacturing methods. Many people have heard the term "ultra-thin", but now they have the so-called "super-slim" Games, the general soft contact lenses now insomnia thickness of about 0.07mm or so, some publicity for the ultra-thin, and emphasize the film as thin as possible, if only to the oxygen permeability, the film is thinner, the oxygen permeability Of course, the higher, but high oxygen permeability does not necessarily mean that the average wearer, but only for some corneal hypoxia more sensitive to people more meaningful.

In some cases, the ultra-thin film instead of the average film is not suitable, such as mild astigmatism about 50 degrees, the general film can be corrected, and the ultra-thin film may not be ideal. Others tear secretion was originally less, wear thin slices, the film easily evaporate the water, the eyes easier to dry, but more uncomfortable, and the film is thinner, regardless of the handling and maintenance of the degree of difficulty are increased accordingly, the film Life is relatively short, so the thinner the film is, the better.

Contact lenses and our window of the soul closely, only by understanding the characteristics of a variety of contact lenses, in order to achieve comfort, safety and good vision requirements. If there are questions before the fitting, ophthalmologist should be consulted, after all, the health of the window of the soul can not be ignored.

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