How to clean the glasses cloth

Nowadays, with the popularity of computers and smart phones, more and more people wear glasses. However, the glasses are dirty and can be wiped with eyeglasses. However, how to clean the glass cloth is not enough. Next, let's talk about how eyeglasses cloth is. Cleaning.

1, first put the eye cloth soaked in warm water.

2, after the liquid can be used or liquid velvet cleaning agent poured on the glasses cloth, gently rub. (Don't use washing powder as much as possible, because the glasses cloth will become hard after the washing powder is washed, but it is not comfortable to use it when you use it)

3. Wash all the dirty places on the glasses cloth. (When you wash, gently rub, you can't use too much strength).

4, after gently wringing, shaking the net, can be placed in the shade to dry.

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