Frame glasses need maintenance? This is the optician from the myopia heard the common question. The answer is definitely in need of maintenance. Frame glasses if not maintenance, will increase the degree of its wear and tear, constitute a threat to the protection of vision and so on. On the framework of glasses maintenance, the following let Xiaobian for you a brief introduction.

There are many ways to maintain glasses, mainly the following:

① keep the glasses do not deform, so that the optical center of the lens and pupil distance consistent. Long-term one-handed picking glasses, due to uneven force on both sides, will cause the deformation of the frame, so should be picked with both glasses glasses.

② glasses should not be put out, should be put into the glasses box, to avoid extrusion. Placed, the lens surface should be up, to avoid wear the lens surface.

③ wipe the glasses, to use special glasses cloth, so as not to wear small sand particles wear lenses. Cleaning agents should not be used with corrosive.

The body's sweat also has a certain corrosive, such as glasses stained with sweat, should be promptly cleaned. If the lens stained with dust or sand, first rinse with water, then wipe with a soft mirror cloth. It is difficult to erase the dirt, you can use a neutral detergent to wipe. If you are stained with oil and fingerprints, wipe and clean with lens cleaner. In addition, the need to regularly to the glasses specialist shop for cleaning, adjustment.

④ glasses can not be a long time on the high temperature, humid environment, such as car windshield, bathroom, kitchen, so as not to speed up the lens aging and frame deformation.

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