First of all should be careful not to force hard kneading, friction lenses, so as not to damage the lens, and should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the procedures and requirements clean, to protein, rinse, disinfect, storage and wearing lenses, the steps can not replace each other.

In the preparation phase of the preparation, the method of wearing to accept the specific guidance of professionals; in each touch before the lens, should use neutral soap and mobile water to wash their hands, while keeping the nails short and trimmed in soft Lens wear, remove the care process do not use nail contact lenses, clean, flat on the desktop care or pick the lens, so as not to fall off the ground or lost.

In addition, to develop good habits, always take the first, pick the same lens to avoid confusion. Always check the appearance of the lens before each time to meet the requirements, to confirm its wet, clean. The lens has spots, residual debris, bubbles, cracks, damage and other appearance of abnormal circumstances shall not be used.

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