Eyewear is both a tool to protect the eyes, but also a beauty of the decorations. From the function of the lens, it has the ability to adjust the amount of light into the eyes, increase visual acuity, protect eye safety and clinical treatment of eye disease, refractive errors caused by children with strabismus and headache with refractive errors in patients with glasses Can be treated.

The function of the spectacle frame, in addition to its composition for the glasses to wear glasses on the eyes of the role of support, it also has a beautiful, decorative. Modern pop stars stressed that glasses should be with the times the face of makeup and dress harmony, reflecting the social class superb, elegant knowledge, fashion and so on the symbol.

With the rapid development of social technology, with the people's culture, living standards continue to improve, visual health work carried out, glasses in people's lives will play an important role in the field.

Glasses Material: There are three kinds of glasses, glass, resin, crystal. But in general, myopia only with glass or resin, crystal rarely used.

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