If it is myopia so in order to see things will wear glasses, now wearing glasses is not a strange thing, but when we wear glasses do not forget to use glasses cloth, some people just bought from the store Back when the glasses are intact inside the glasses box, but a long time, we all decided that the glasses box too much trouble, with glasses cloth cloth glasses more trouble, so simply do not, in fact, this approach is very wrong We must remember to use glasses cloth glasses glasses.

We are now wearing glasses lenses are very easy to wear, if you often do not have glasses cloth, but with toilet paper or other hard cloth, then easy to wipe the above scratches, so if the number of rub more than the lens Causing a certain impact.

Glasses cloth is not only the role of the lens, but also can play the role of protection against glasses. We do not wear glasses when you want to remember to put glasses inside the box, then if the fall will not affect the lens, glasses cloth wrapped in a lens will have a certain buffer.

Said so much, we should know the role of glasses cloth, so after careful care and maintenance of their own glasses, do not throw glasses on the side of the side regardless of the damage to the glasses is relatively large.

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