Glasses case history and invention

For the convenience of our glasses were put, he invented the glasses case.
The first is who invented?
What development history?
What shape?
1, glasses mid-thirteenth century British philosopher Francis ? Fry Bacon invention ~ eyes boxes and certainly after that.
2, the Qing Qing Dynasty pendant accessories types and styles are a lot of small shapes, materials and diverse, there are jade, lapis lazuli, turquoise gold inlay, sandalwood, platinum gold, enamel Venus stone, coral, glass, etc. Different materials . There are also a wide variety of embroidery pieces, including sachets, sachets, fan cover, glasses case, strap, flint bag, fast boards. These are the accessories of Qing Dynasty Peigua at the waist, both men and women as admiration thing to carry, especially the late Qing Sheng. Qing Dynasty Kesi eyes boxes. (I did not know before that there is no)
3, now has metal glasses case leather bag, eva cloth, plastic, in addition to glasses bags, leather sewn together, etc.

Factory Overview