Our eyes after myopia to see things blurred, it will affect our lives and learning. In this case, the vast majority of our people are to wear glasses in the glasses shop, so that our eyes can see the target again. But after wearing glasses for some time, we will find that our eyes go shape, and after taking off the glasses, not the original appearance (change the possibility of very small). The problem came to wear glasses eyes deformation how to do?

1 We usually wear the eyes of the frame, wearing a period of time after the eyes will appear to take shape. Glasses deformation will increase the deformation of the eyes, so regularly looking for optical shop to amend their glasses, can slow down the eyes of this situation.

2 frame glasses on the deformation of the eye is relatively large, the impact of invisible eyes is not so big, or that is very small, we can wear the invisible eyes to weaken this effect. And if the eyes deformed, wearing contact lenses, can play a buffer eye deformation effect, so that the performance of the eye a little better. But the use of contact lenses and maintenance are quite troublesome, we need to be serious. We have this introduction on our website.

3 laser surgery. Many people think that after laser surgery can make the eyes become normal, but this understanding is indeed wrong. Laser surgery is only the cornea becomes thin, so that the refractive index of light on the eyes of some smaller, but the eye is completely no effect, so the deformation of the eye, laser surgery is powerless, but it is really can make eyes Restore normal vision.

4 from the clinical point of view, after we myopia longer eyes, looks certainly and the original eye is not the same, take shape is inevitable. Moreover, we wear glasses, the lens and the crystal with the habit, the longer the axial will stabilize, the time a little long point, let the eye back to the original position is more difficult. If we do not pay attention to protect the eyes, myopia is getting bigger and bigger, then this behavior will form a vicious circle, the deformation of the eye more and more serious. However, the elasticity of our eyes muscle is relatively large, there blurred vision, it stopped to rest, over time the eyes will return to normal.

5 There is also a view that some people think that the deformation of the eye is entirely because the frame glasses on the organization around the eyes have a bad influence. Because our skin is flexible, this argument adhere to remove the glasses after a period of time, the deformation of the eyes will be their own recovery. But most people are not optimistic about this argument.

In general, after wearing glasses eyes deformed, we are more difficult to deal with. If we remove the eyes, let the eyes slowly adapt to the environment, not the possibility of recovery, but the time to take a long long, our work and study can not afford to wait. So, we only want to maintain their own eyes in the future, the degree is no longer increase, if there is something really need, we can first look at the top of contact lenses.

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