Driving wearing sunglasses, in addition to showing personality, the car safe driving a great help. Driving fear is to lose sight, and a variety of light is the most common factor, so the car wearing sunglasses will be out of security considerations.

First, the classification of sunglasses

For the driver, not just choose a nice sunglasses can help drive. If the wrong sunglasses will affect the driving safety.

1, ordinary sunglasses: ordinary type of sunglasses is usually to reduce the intensity of light, so that the overall front of the scene darker.

2, on the deep under the sunglasses: this kind of glasses as the car's front glass, the front glass will be relatively dark. In fact, the role of such glasses is not large, at least on the ground from the strong light can not weaken the role

3, polarized lens sunglasses: In general, if you want to buy sunglasses to buy polarized mirror sunglasses. This sunglasses only allows directional light into the eye, can filter out the filter scattering, inflection, reflection and other factors caused by glare glare.

4, adaptive discoloration glasses: This lens in the ultraviolet radiation will produce a chemical reaction to change their own color, usually with this kind of glasses quite appropriate. But this technology is not a new technology, but also for driving and no use. Because usually the front glass are insulated from the role of UV, so this lens will not change in the car.

5, night vision "sunglasses": strictly speaking, this kind of glasses is not sunglasses, because its lens is yellow. This sunglasses can also weaken the light, and the scenery into a soft yellow, to see those "backlit" dark area also has a role.

When driving the driver using sunglasses, it is best to use polarized lenses sunglasses and yellow lenses for night vision glasses.

Second, the use of sunglasses precautions

Election on the sunglasses at the same time, but also to learn the correct use of sunglasses.

1, sunglasses color should not be too deep

The medical research shows that the depth of the sunglasses color will delay the time the image of the eye to the brain. This visual delay causes a sense of speed distortion that can affect the driver's judgment.

2, into the tunnel before taking off sunglasses

Into the tunnel when the light is dark, if you bring sunglasses more likely to affect the safety of driving. Moreover, usually with sunglasses driving, remove the sunglasses into the tunnel more easily adapt to the tunnel light.

3, myopic package: contact lenses + sunglasses

For myopia, you can use the clip or directly with a pair of myopic sunglasses, but the former is not convenient to use, the latter is not suitable for the use of multiple sunglasses. So the driver can wear sunglasses can choose "contact lens + sunglasses" approach, will not increase the burden on the bridge of the nose, you can also use multiple sunglasses.

In general, sunglasses in addition to highlight the personality, the same safe driving to play a positive role. However, if you choose the wrong sunglasses, it will also increase the risk of driving.

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