Wearing glasses will have a lot of inconvenience, such as winter from the outside into the house, myopia directly on the front of a white, the world can not see! Glasses for a long time, will inevitably fall on the dust, not to mention the autumn and winter some of the city haze more. Glasses most of the way to do? Most people's reaction may be on the glasses Kazakhstan breath, come up with glasses cloth and even raised his sleeve began to wipe. But you know, this method is easy to damage the lens.

Clothes fiber gap is large, over time will contain a lot of dust. If the cloth has a high hardness of the dust (for example, fine sand ah, quartz hardness of 7) will scratch the lens, so use this method to wipe the glasses will be counterproductive, the more rub the more blurred.

And glasses generally use optical glass lenses or resin lenses, good wear resistance, prone to scratches. Under the microscope, the lens surface scratches are divided into two kinds, one is due to gravel produced scratches, shallow and small, wearing glasses are not easy to detect; the other is produced by the larger gravel, deep Rough around, in the central area will affect the vision.

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