In addition to the innate factors, myopic degree increased and closely related with eyes, the day after tomorrow is not correct, such as near (watching TV, playing computer games, reading books, etc.) when the time is too long, to read and write do not pay attention to posture, etc., leading to excessive spasm intraocular muscles, myopic degree is deepened gradually. So after wearing glasses also notice to use eye sanitation, reduce the close time and frequency with the eye, correct posture. For children myopia progress rapidly, it is suggested that after wearing glasses to continue to follow the principle of myopia prevention six: before sleeping, relax ciliary muscle of ophthalmic, use shu eyepiece, wearing empty focal lens, wearing gradually focus more myopia glasses, a variety of vitamins and trace elements of supplements containing lutein, a breakthrough on the international at present an treatment measure is wearing high oxygen permeability and corneal shape mirror, greatly reduced the speed the progress of myopia.

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