Anti-ultraviolet function of the name of the sunglasses. Good sunglasses polarized lenses that can block more than 99% of the UV rays. Wear anti-ultraviolet function of poor sunglasses, eyes like a dark room in the material, this time the pupil will become larger, but the residual ultraviolet light will be a lot into the eyes, so that the eyes hurt.

Perspectives on unacceptable sunglasses. After wearing, will produce traffic signal identification obstacles, easily lead to traffic accidents.

Not marked with category logo sunglasses. Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely, sunshade for sunshades, light-colored mirrors for decoration and special glasses for anti-snow or waterproof radiation.

Anti-performance does not meet the requirements of sunglasses. In the impact by the external force when the lens is easy to break, debris will form a fatal injury to the human eye.

Experts advise the vast number of consumers, buy sunglasses should try to choose high-quality polarized glasses.

Sunglasses simple identification method: the sunglasses can be placed in front of the lens through the observation of distant targets, and then move the glasses up and down, the target should not have wobbling and wavy deformation. Can also be observed under the fluorescent lamp sunglasses lens surface of the lamp image, turn the sunglasses so that the lamp image appears in different parts of the lens, the lamp image is not deformed for the best. Polarized sunglasses on the market, some products use a very thin resin polarized lenses, in the assembly is very easy to produce deformation, the purchase should pay special attention.

In addition, the color of the lens can not be partial, should make the surrounding environment, the color is not distorted. In the absence of wearing sunglasses, first observe the red, green, yellow and other objects, and then wear sunglasses, observe the same object, two observations can not color color, otherwise it will reduce the ability to identify traffic lights. For the lens for the color, especially the colorful sunglasses should pay attention to this identification.

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