Wear contact lenses should not be too long time

Abstract: The traditional contact lenses and glasses compared to having the advantage is reflected in the beauty, convenience and broad sight three ......
The first people who wear contact lenses, wear the beginning of time can be controlled in four to five hours a day, then gradually increase the daily two hours. In general, the time of day wear contact lenses should not be more than 8 hours (especially in summer), but can not wear contact lenses to sleep. Swimming in summer a lot of people, but for the contact lens group, the swimming is best not to wear glasses. Because the water of bacteria, impurities are likely to adhere to the glasses, therefore, it is likely to cause eye infections. If the fear of blurred vision, you can choose to swim with prescription glasses. Advantages compared to traditional contact lenses glasses reflected in having a beauty, and convenience on three broad sight, the current daytime wear contact lenses including hard contact lenses and soft contact lenses. For a family of contact lenses, the summers are hot, humid air is more likely to cause all sorts of eye discomfort or inconvenience which, if ignored, it is easy for the eye infection.

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